Agri Marketing Challenges and Risks

Issues in Agri Marketing in Nigeria

Different marketing functions are required to be improved to meet daily requirements of the farmers. In the case of improving the marketing system for livestock and food in developing countries as Nigeria, it is applicable to understand the nature of marketing problems as it is only by doing this that workable solution can be found.

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2015 Challenges faced by Tractor Marketers

India Slides in Second Half – Tractor sales in India are the highest for any country in the world. In 2014, 593,000 units were sold. After a sturdy first half, however, sales went down from month-to-month, especially in the last quarter of the year.

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Risks/ Challenges in marketing-

Risk is inherent in all marketing transactions. Fire, rodents, quality deterioration, price fall, change in tastes, habits or fashion, placing the commodity in the wrong hands or area are all also associated with marketing risk. Hardy has defined risk as uncertainty about cost, loss or damage.

The longer the time lags between production and consumption, the greater the risk and challenges.

Most of the challenges are faced by market middlemen. The bearer of the risk may be better off or worse-off. A risk cannot be eliminated because it also carries profit.

Types of Risk / challenge: The risk / challenge associated with marketing are of three types, namely physical, price and institutional risk/ challenge.
i. Physical: It includes loss of quantity and quality.
It may be due to fire, flood, earthquake, rodents, pests, excessive moisture or temperature, careless handling, improper storage, looting or arson.
ii. Price: It is associates with fluctuation in price from year to year or within the year.
iii. Institutional: It include the risks arising out of a change in the government budget policy, imposition of levies price controls etc.