Thompson, McHenry Propose Digital Market Structure

Glenn "GT" Thompson (PA-15), Chairman of the House Committee on Agriculture, and Patrick McHenry (NC-10), Chairman...

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Kalamna soon become National Market

Central government’s proposal to turn 100 Agriculture Produce Marketing Committees (APMCs) into ‘National Markets’...

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AgriMarket Apps
App Name: AgriMarket

AgriMarket mobile app can be used to get the market price of crops in the markets .

App Name: Digital Mandi India

This App helps in checking the latest Indian agricultural commodities Mandi prices from different states and districts.

Agri Marketing Innovations

Integrated Scheme for Agricultural Marketing

The transformation of Indian Agriculture from an importer of food grain in the early 20th century to a major exporter of food grains now is because of the contribution of dedication of agricultural scientist, continuous attempts of policy makers and the determination of farmers.

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Smart Agriculture Market

According to Research and Markets reports, Smart agriculture market in the hardware and network platform segment is expected to reach USD 18.45 Billion by 2022 from USD 9.02 Billion in 2016, at a CAGR of 13.8% between 2016 and 2022.

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